• Kinosaki onsen

    Photo Shoots During your Travel ???

    by professional photographer in igaki photo studio in Kinosaki onsen.

  • Travel to Kinosaki,

    an Authentic Town Suited for Yukata

    Why don’t you have your photo taken

    by a professional photographer in Kinosaki?

    We will take photos of you as you walk around Kinosaki.

    The photographer has a studio in Kinosaki and knows the most scenic places

    Shooting Photo



    Digital images, select up to 10 frames

    around Kinosaki.

    Exposure time is 30minutes.

    Including the transfer.


    We also offer an additional printing service.

    ¥2,160 for 10 photos

    Shooting Photo

    in Yukata



    Included in the above fee are:

    Digital images,select up to 10 frames around Kinosaki/

    Yukata rental fee/

    Yukata fitting/

    Hair styling/


    additional cost for 2 +persons ¥2,160〜

    (yukata rental & fitting ,

    Hair styling included)



    =Fitting time is 30 minutes

    +Shooting time is 30minutes

    including transfer.



    We also offer an additional printing service.

    ¥2,160 for 10 photos

  •  Photographer Profiles

    igaki photo studio


    Ryo Igaki


    Kinosaki-born photographer

    I know all kinosaki.

    Let's enjoy kinosaki time,together.


    Maki Igaki


    Kyoto- born photographer

    She is mother of three sisters.

    Let's take a family photos in authentic town,kinosaki onsen.


    We speak English just a bit.


    We will make



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